Google Unveils Plans Of Futuristic Campus, Envisions Green And Hi-tech Community

After Google swapped lands with LinkedIn last year, much has changed regarding the plans for its Mountain View campus. Just recently, Google has submitted an updated proposal to the City of Mountain View.

Google To Incorporate Futuristic Technologies

In the proposal, a new computer rendering of the company's plans for building a green and hi-tech campus in the location is presented. The campus will be named "Googleplex" and would feature various futuristic capabilities such as air quality, sound, and climate control.

According to 9to5Google, Google wants its campus to not only be a destination for the local community but also to be an example to big corporations that promotes a sustainable and green campus towards a cleaner and brighter future.

Reports also suggested that the company wants to put a lot of green spaces throughout the campus that its employees and visitors can enjoy. These green spaces will be called "Green Loop," as it promotes a green, and environment-friendly eco space.

Googleplex Will Set An Environment-Friendly Example

With it, small parks and food stalls will be present in the "green plazas" in the Googleplex. According to Engadget, Google has also taken into consideration the issue of creating a conducive working place for its employees and staff.

The company wants to ensure that the productivity of its employees with regards to the main job tasks would not be sacrificed, due to the many green "distractions" present in the campus. With this, the offices will all be located on the second floor of the soon-to-be-constructed building. This is to ensure that its employees can go on with their work while enjoying the panoramic view of a green campus.

For now, the company is still awaiting for the proposal's approval from the authorities in Mountain View. When it gets approved, Google expects to have it finished within a 30-month time frame.

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