Pokemon GO News: How Will Trading Happen In The Game, Here's What We Know

There are three new major changes that will soon be added in Pokemon GO. However, Niantic revealed that the whole team needs more time to make sure that the feature will be effective and will be flawless. The developer explained that it will change the way trading works.

How Trading Will Work In Pokemon GO

The players are just waiting for Niantic to release new patches for Pokemon GO. One of the most anticipated feature is trading Pokemon. Fortunately, during GDC 2017, John Hacke explained that the feature they have all been waiting for will arrive.

According to GameSpot, trading in Pokemon GO will be different. If the players are guessing that they can do that online, then they are wrong. Tatsuo Nomura, product manager, explained that the developer will not allow trading over the internet.

So, it means that the players must be close to one another if they want to trade their Pokemon. Nomura said that the players must be within the range of the other player. Trading overseas or more than 100 miles will not happen in Pokemon GO.

Is Trading The Saving Grace Of Pokemon GO?

Others might say that Niantic will add trading in the game because of several issues in Pokemon GO. But the developer thinks that though this is not enough to save the game, it will make the game more interesting and more enjoyable.

As per Slash Gear, Niantic still thinks that if trading will happen in Pokemon GO, then there is a chance that it can also destroy the game if will not work perfectly. Because if something wrong will happen, then that will be the end of one of the popular games.

Hopefully, players will wait for the trading feature to come in Pokemon GO. Niantic is doing its best to make sure that once the feature is added, it will not be a double-edged sword. The developer is asking for more time before it will be available for everyone.

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