‘One Piece' Chapters 857, 858 Spoilers: Sanji Teams Up With Gang Benge? Anime Starts Supernova Arc On March 19

By Shor M. Rae , Mar 03, 2017 03:00 AM EST

The latest chapter of “One Piece” manga has just unveiled an unexpected plot twist. With the Straw Hats Pirates out to rescue Sanji and his family, Jinbe proposes something that Luffy can’t refuse. Meanwhile, the anime will be heading on to a new arc in a few weeks.

“One Piece” Chapter 857 Spoilers: Luffy Turns To Gang Benge For Help

Luffy and Sanji are stranded but they're able to communicate with the others through a mirror. Sanji has not decided to return to the crew yet. Disappointed, the Straw Hats Pirates tries to convince Sanji to come back by rescuing his family. Sanji has been forced to marry one of Big Mom’s daughters while his family is being held, hostage.

Jinbe revealed that the wedding was only a plot to get all the Vinsmokes together so Big Mom can kill them off and claim Germa. She had always wanted the kingdom because it had the strongest army. Despite being outnumbered, the Straw Hats decide to fight Big Mom. Jinbe said they would be able to fight one of the Yonko’s with the help of Gang Benge.

“One Piece” Chapter 858 Predictions: Gang Benge Helps, Vinsmokes Saved, But Will Luffy Live?

After Jinbe told Luffy about the proposal to team up with Gang Benge, Luffy reconsiders and agrees to meet with them. It's most likely that Luffy will team up with Gang Benge, since the latter, who’s Big Mom’s ally, was also in charge of the wedding’s security, which is an advantage for them. With that, the Vinsmokes will be saved and the wedding will be called off.

Though the fight against Big Mom will be difficult, Luffy must also be on guard that Gang Benge will not betray him, too. Luffy, who detests Benge’s doings will probably stop him from killing Big Mom and this will give Benge the reason to target Luffy. Benge's infamous for killing leaders of every organization out of leisure. But given Eiichiro Oda’s reputation, anything can happen.

“One Piece” Anime Enters Supernova Arc

The anime series of will be entering a new arc on March 19 and it will focus on the Supernovas. The story will be about the young pirates, Luffy and Sanji as they travel to save Sanji and his family. The new arc will be an original story and will introduce new characters, who will likely be villains.

The new characters are Grant, Bonam, Sappa, and Vice-Admiral Prodi. One notable thing about the Supernova Arc is that Luffy is wearing a marine’s coat, which is unlikely of him since he is a pirate. “One Piece” will end the Zou Arc after two more episodes.

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