New Brain Training Can Help People Be Happy

Being happy is a matter of perspective. A happy perspective needs to have a change in attitude. A new brain training can help people be happy.

A study has found that positive imagery can help people who constantly deal with negative emotions. This is most true for those who have suffered traumatic events. For people who have experienced trauma, scenes from the event might play on constantly.

Dr. Svetla Velikova of Smartbrain in Norway has said that there is a relationship between human imagery and people's emotions. She has said that imagery is already being used in psychotherapy in order to change people's way of thinking and fight negative emotions. Her study is looking at these imagery techniques and whether they can be used by people at home.

People regularly encounter events and experiences that can affect moods and emotions. Some of these events can lead some to depression. Some are also stressed because of these experiences. In order to find out if visual imagery can be used at home, a test has been made with 30 participants.

The 30 participants took part in a two day workshop where they learned how to use visual imagery techniques, according to Science Daily. Image transformation was used in dealing with negative emotions. Positive imagery was then used in order to visualize future events and goals.

After the workshop, the participants then used the techniques they have learned for 12 weeks in their homes. This was done 15-20 minutes each day. After 12 weeks they then had to attend another two day workshop.

The participants also had to undergo EEG evaluation, as Medical News Today reports. These were done once before the test, and then another one after it. The EEGs were taken to compare how the participants were before and after the test.

People who were on threshold depression were reduced to half the number before the test was made. Quality of life overall has improved for most of the participants. The EEG evaluations also showed changes in beta activity in the brain.

The test has shown that positive imagery techniques can be done by people at home. A new brain training can help people to be happy. A study has found that parental help is needed by kids who are always online.

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