The Brabus Ultimate 125: Expensive & Completely Worth It

By Ana Cordero , Mar 04, 2017 03:10 AM EST

The company is dubbing its new Brabus Ultimate 125 the "ultimate sports car." And while it does boast some pretty amazing specs for a smart car, it also comes with a hefty price. The cost, however, can be explained and understood when the unit is given a closer look and the specs are revealed.

According to Car And Driver, the Ultimate 125's peak power stands at 123 HP. And while this number is not impressive in the overall market, it is notable for a small smart car. It received a 34 HP increase over the stock turbocharged three-cylinder engine, which dropped the 0-60 mph time to just 9.2 seconds and also raised the stop speed to a notable 109 mph. This was all possible because of the Brabus-tweaked intake, intercooler and engine-management system.

And while the speed might leave some room to the imagination, the Brabus Ultimate 125 completely makes up for it with its beautiful aesthetic. It has a Widestar body kit, 18 inch forged aluminum wheels and a trio of exhaust outlets, much like the Ferrari 458 Italia. It also comes in an eye-catching color, which the company calls Blu Glauco. The same color was showcased on the inside leather interior. However, consumers will be able to choose other colors and can even opt for more muted ones if that is their preference. As Road And Track added, Brabus included stainless pedals and an aluminum shift now and an emergency brake lever.

The Brabus Ultimate is available as either a coupe or cabriolets. The pricings are somewhere at around US$52,840 and US$55,820 respectively after exchange rates but are priced at €49,980 and €52,800 originally. However, the company only has plans of releasing 125 units in total, so so it would be best to grab one now. It would, after all, be the perfect unit to drive along those narrow European streets.

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