iOS 6.1.4 Battery Drain And WiFi Bug Getting Worse: Is Fix On The Way?

By Michael Mayday , May 10, 2013 05:56 PM EDT
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Apple's recent release of iOS 6.1.4, an iOS 6 update exclusive to the iPhone 5, has apparently resulted in a quicker battery drain, reduced Wi-Fi and issues with Bluetooth pairing for some users. For some, the update doesn't fix the issues associated with iOS 6.1.3, but makes them worse instead.

The latest release of the iOS 6 system was a surprise update by Apple — the release never went through a beta release — and, apparently, only targeted the iPhone 5's speakerphone with an updated audio profile. The firmware update didn't appear to fix any known bugs.

But problems persist. The firmware update has apparently caused some to lose up to 40 percent of their battery within an hour, according to The Full Signal. Other users are reporting either a 90 percent drop overnight, or a two-percent drop every other minute.

The update also doesn't address previously highlighted issues with Wi-Fi connectivity on iOS 6, and users are still reporting sporadic drops in their Wi-FI connections. Bluetooth, too, is also proving to be troublesome, with some users complaining that iOS 6.1.4 has caused problems when pairing devices. Other users complain that their speakers are ceasing to work altogether after updating to iOS 6.1.4.

As Gotta Be Mobile notes, iOS 6.1.4's issues aren't as acute as previous updates like iOS 6.1 or iOS 6.3, but problems are still being felt by users. Those afflicted are flocking to Apple's forums to voice their complaints and to look for fixes, though.

It isn't uncommon for Apple to incorporate security fixes with its updates but iOS 6.1.4 apparently doesn't. Even the lock-screen vulnerability, which made headlines, wasn't fixed.

The question now is whether Apple will issue another update, iOS 6.1.5, to address these complaints. Apple is reportedly working on its latest iteration of the iOS platform, iOS 7, which could take precedence over any fixes to iOS 6.

As we've previously reported, iOS 7 could bring a flatter user interface designed by Johnny Ive.

Those with jailbroken iPhone 5s are in luck: the jailbreak tool, TinyUmbrella, now supports the iOS 6.1.4 firmware update, according to the International Business Times.

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