Titanium Nokia 3310 Will Launch Soon For $3,000

The unveiling of the new Nokia 3310 was the main highlight of the recently held Mobile World Congress. The legendary phone from 17 years back is now back and is priced at $50.

 Pay $3,000 For An Indestructible Titanium 3310

However, reports just came out that a Titanium version of the phone is underway and is set to come out at a whopping $3,000. According to Mirror.co.uk, Gresso, a luxury phone manufacturer has just unveiled the Gresso 3310.

It is their own version of the Nokia 3310. The only thing that is different is that it has a grade 5 titanium body.

It also doesn't sport the new Nokia 3310's plastic body, nor carrying the Nokia 3310 name. With this, reports suggested that it might be possible that the company does not have any license or permission to use the Nokia name.

Improved Battery Life

Recently, the new Nokia 3310 was doubted to have the same durability and strength when compared to the original phone. Because of this issue, Gresso took advantage of the opportunity and made their own version of the phone by giving it a titanium body. This, in turn, made it literally indestructible.

According to Citizen, the new Nokia 3310 performs better compared to the original phone in terms of battery life. Its removable 1,200mAh battery gives the phone up to 31 days of standby time, compared to the 11 days standby time of the old one.

Nokia has clearly incorporated some enhancements to the phone, despite sacrificing a few important features that will surely give a nostalgic experience to its users. Reports suggest that Nokia did this to make the new Nokia 3310 more useful in today's modern world.ed

Some of its most notable extra new features that give it more function are its camera, colored display and thumbnail menu. The popular Snake game is also back and enhanced, as it now has a color display.

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