Benz Teases Upcoming Mercedes-AMG, To Rival Porsche Panamera

By Ana Cordero , Mar 06, 2017 03:10 AM EST

Mercedes-Benz has made it clear that it has every intention to outdo the Porsche Panamera by releasing the concept design of the upcoming Mercedes-AMG. The image indicates a sleek and long body, as well as a curved rear. The hype leading up to the Geneva Motor Show is definitely at an all-time high.

As Drive.Com has reported, the Mercedes-AMG is a four-door unit that is both beautiful and inspiring. The stylized sketch indicates a long and sleep profile, but the rear end is rather curvaceous and features a liftback rear glass. It also sports a slimline tail lamp and a central exhaust outlet squarely in the middle of an F1-style rear diffuser.

The publication continued on to note that the images appear to show large allow wheels with red centers, which gracefully fall out into the back spokes. It also indicates carbon fiber side skirts. But until the official reveal of the Mercedes-AMG, everything at this point is merely speculation.

But as Wheels Mag has noted, there is one exciting detail that the tease provides. That is, that the Mercedes-AMG will be the third member of the GT family but will introduce the concept of EQ Power, a 450gW-plus kinetic energy recover system-equipped hybrid engine, which benefits directly from the company's Formula One history.

The EQ Power logo was spotted by the publication and is inscribed on a camera-based system that looks to be replacing the traditional wing mirrors. However, it might just be a trick of the light and some hopeful thinking. Mercedes-Benz has not actually provided details on the upcoming unit.

All necessary information will be confirmed by the German company at this week's Geneva Motor Show. The event will kick off on March 9 and will continue on for the succeeding ten days. It will be the venue to debut the stunning Mercedes-AMG, a noteworthy rival not just for the Porsche Panamera, but for the Bentley Continental GT as well.

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