Heart Health Check Less Likely To Be Done By Women

Having a heart check is important, especially for those who are in middle age. A heart health check can help save a life. However, heart health check is less likely done by women.

When it comes to heart disease, men are more likely to be serious about it. A study has found that men will take heart health checks than women. Younger women with a high risk of heart disease would less likely to get a heart health check than men.

Associate professor Julie Redfern is the study's author and from the George Institute for Global Health. She has said that the study's result is a concern since more women now are dying from heart disease. This has to do with the perception that heart disease is mainly a disease afflicting males, she has observed.

She has also said that one reason that more women are dying from heart disease is because they are not being treated correctly. In the study, out of 53,000 patients in Australia, women will less likely to take any heart health check. The study has found that women are 12 percent less likely to have any proper screening for heart risks.

Younger women are also less likely to take proper medications, according to Science Daily. Younger women are 37 percent less likely to take the proper medication as compared to men. However, older women take their heart health more seriously and would be 34 percent more likely to take proper medications than men.

Karen Hyuh is also a member of the study team as part of her Ph.D. for the University of Sydney. She has said that younger women who are not receiving proper heart medication might be missing out on them, as Eureka Alert reports. The medications could potentially reduce the chances of a heart attack or stroke.

The researchers have noted that it is important to prevent heart disease even among younger women. A heart health check is less likely done by women. Air pollution is found to reduce antibiotic effectiveness.


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