Ark: Survival Evolved Devs Make Up With Server Mess Via Current Event

One can't deny that Ark: Survival Evolved is among the most popular titles of recent memory. And to think, this game has yet to be on its full version. However, players have experienced a very disturbing event recently. This was when the so-called AWS server outage happened. It's where all hell seems to have broken loose. Because seriously, everything that had happened on a certain period of time was rolled back. Apparently though, Studio Wildcard has introduced a compensation of sort.

According to the official forum site of the game, the developer of Ark: Survival Evolved is introducing a special kind of Evolution Event. This is basically a way for the studio to make up for the mess that had happened. This particular event will bring a lot of good stuff -- most of which are something to be of interest.

The aforementioned event is where the likes of breeding and maturing will be increased. Heck, even the rate of egg hatching will go up exponentially. But of course, this won't last long. This is simply a move at making things up for the lost time. Studio Wildcard iterated that from now on, they'll be working on some sort of measures. These, in one way or another, will prevent such situation to ever happen again in the future.

IBTimes noted that the main issue didn't entirely happen within Ark: Survival Evolved. It basically occurred in the game's CrossArk Transfer System. The latter, in its most organic form, allows characters, dinos and other things to be transferred efficiently from one map to another without fault. However, when it went down, everything plummeted. In hopes to retaliate, the studio opted to roll the server back to its status way before the outage existed.

Unfortunately for the fans of Ark: Survival Evolved, the rollback isn't really a nice solution. Or perhaps it was, but there's a collateral damage. That's because anything that progressed during that time were lost. This, obviously, made them disappointed especially the fans who were unaware of the situation.

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