'One Punch Man' Season 2 Spoilers, Rumors: Who Can Defeat Saitama?

By Dante Noe Raquel II , Mar 06, 2017 03:10 AM EST

Away from the confirmation that a second season of "One Punch Man" is coming, nothing sits in yet for the most-powered-punch anime series. However, gossips about Saitama's next opponent are already here. With so much to discuss, here are three possible foes the superhero might face.

Saitama's fans believe that the next season will follow the "Hero Hunt" arc of the manga series. The story arc detailed Saitama's happenstance with Garou, a former student of S-Class.

Garou 'The Monster'

As younglings, Garou was trained together with the other students of Bang (Silver Fang). While in the dojo, Garou defeated all martial arts scholars to prove his enormity. After he found out Garou's evil plans and hunger for power, Bang banished him. Garou is well-known for his brute force, thus, he could be a good match for Saitama.

Dr. Bofoi 'Metal Knight'

It's also thinkable that the bald superhero will find his contender within the Hero Association. A few reports also cited that he could face Dr. Bofoi, also known as Metal Knight, an S-Class Rank 6 hero. Based on the Japanese comic book, Metal Knight is fanatical with scientific investigations, high-powered artillery, and engineering. Apart from that, his character has always been secretive.

It has been said that Saitama blotted out all of Dr. Bofoi's robots, which made the latter think that the superhero is a threat. Since then, the scientist/hero is starting to spy on Saitama, and he is getting curious about the Caped Baldy's secrets.

As seen in the last episode of the first season, Drive Knight warned Genos that Metal Knight is an enemy.

Amai Mask Top Hero A-Class

Other rumors proposed that in the second season, the stoic superhero's one-punch will weaken or that he might lose this ability someway. The A-Class Rank 1 hero, Amai Mask, is foretold to be the one who learns Saitama's weakness and he can use it against the hero.

As noted in episode 12 of the animated series, Amai Mask blamed the S-Class for the total obliteration of City A. It provoked a fight between the two classes of the association. Amai Mask and Saitama are not on good terms.

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