‘Dance Moms' Updates: Abby Lee Miller Cries Out For Freedom, Jojo Bows Banned

The drama still continues for Abby Lee Miller as she finally faces her fraud case. Her final hearing was sentenced numerous times but this time, she had no choice but to attend it.

Abby Lee Miller In Tears

The life of the owner and director of the Reign Dance Productions is fully documented. She is an open book as she describes herself before. Today, she faces the toughest day of her life as the possibility of her going to jail intensifies. Abby Lee Miller committed numerous fraud issues a few years ago and she openly admitted it at the same time. Although she made an appeal about her case, the District Attorney who is managing his case doesn’t believe in Abby Lee Miller’s statement.

It was reported yesterday that Abby Lee Miller cried during the interview with the Insider. Abby Lee Miller already prepared the possibility of her going to jail but it clearly shows that she hasn’t prepared enough. She commented on the interview stating that the fear of the unknown is what is bugging her. She also states that she cannot close her ears on what she hears on what is going on in a prison cell. Abby Lee Miller continued to explain her case while she cries helplessly.

JoJo Bows Banned Permanently

On the other hand, “Dance Moms” Jojo Siwa is making the headlines today. The ultra-talented 13-year-old who is famous on YouTube and now in “Dance Moms” has made a signature trademark. Her “Jojo Bow” is now an attraction and kids from America are following the new trend. However, it seems to be that her harmless bow is causing a stir in every school in the country. It was reported hours ago that they are now banning the Jojo Bows.

The reason behind why they banned is because that it causes distraction and it is against the school uniform. Most parents don't agree with the rule that was laid out while surprisingly, some of the parents agree with it.

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