Hugh Jackman's 'Logan' Tops Box Office With Around $100M; 'Exceeded Pre-Release Expectations'

By Marian F. Roncesvalles , Mar 06, 2017 06:53 AM EST

Everyone got their primal urges filled in superhero-sized proportions as R-rated "Logan" tore box-office records with an opening weekend of $85.3 million in the United States and Canada and has reached around 100 million ticket sales to date. This is quite a huge jump from the estimate of $65 million.

The "Wolverine" - Hugh Jackman's Famous Alter-Ego

Hugh Jackman who popularized the epic superhero "Wolverine", an alter-ego of Logan, was more than satisfied with the applaud and citations of critics and moviegoers that go for the eerie and dark character that epitomized how the beast can snag away any woman's heart - especially if it's as devilishly good-looking as Hugh Jackman.

"Wolverine", as played by Hugh Jackman, clawed its way to success for 17 long years - and he made the beast sensational and blazing hot - that it has somewhat stuck and become second-skin for the award-winning actor. As released by 20th Century Fox, like last year's "Deadpool", "Logan" stood strong as one of the biggest box office success stories that created an imprint of an out-of-the-box comic-book drama.

"Moonlight" And "La La Land" Raced To Box Office Success

Surprisingly, According to The Guardian, "Moonlight", the Oscar best-picture winner got only around $25.3 million. This is a striking contrast to what "Logan" earned in its opening weekend. There seems to be no Oscar halo effect working right now as it would usually work like a gem for most movies who bagged the title in previous years. This is, however, a huge Oscar bump compared to what was expected of most low-budget films.

Also, "La La Land" may not have won the best picture but they won the heart of moviegoers and closed into around $400 million on a global scale.

Jackman has previously announced that this will be the final appearance as the "Wolverine." Logan has raked in approximately $100 million in ticket sales plus $152.5 million overseas. The box office results for "Logan" was phenomenal. This proves to show what superheroes are made of - clandestine and seismic in proportions.

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