Overwatch Players Are Sending Their Respects To Ana After Her Recent Nerf

By Alessia Amherst , Mar 08, 2017 02:28 AM EST

Blizzard has released the details of the upcoming Public Test Region (PTR) patch that took a major hit on everyone's favorite healing sniper, Ana. Because of this, fans are holding "services" and "memorials" over the nerfs that have decreased both her healing and offensive capabilities.

New Overwatch PTR Buff Makes Some Major Changes

According to GameSpot, a new update has just hit the PTR, which buffs and nerfs a good amount of characters, including the new hero, Orisa. It seems like Blizzard is still trying to balance her before bringing the robot over to the main game, which will move the meta once again. In line with this, Zenyatta, Winston, Sombra and even Junkrat received some welcome changes that might make them see a more competitive play this season.

On the other hand, the sniper Ana has received a large nerf towards her healing and damage outputs. To begin with, her Biotic Rifle now only deals 60 damage instead of the original 80. On the other hand, her Biotic Grenade's damage output is now down to 30 from the original 60 and its healing has been reduced to 50 from the previous 100.

Fans Mourn The 'Death' Of Ana Amari

Ana has seen a lot of use during her competitive play despite being labeled as useless during her early release. The character had a high learning curve but quickly became overpowered after people understood her playstyle coupled with her earlier major buff. Now, many players are disappointed over her changes as she might ultimately see less use in the meta.

In fact, fans are so devastated that they are holding a "funeral" in her honor on social media, as per PVP Live. There have even been several fan arts and memes of in-game characters "mourning the death" of the healing sniper. With her nerfs, it seems like Ana will finally be able to live up to her three-star status with only a selected number of players making the most out of her overall utility.

Fans who want to test the "new" Ana can download the PTR version of the game. It is still unsure if all of her changes will make it to the full game but it seems likely so as Blizzard had done the same thing with D.Va's previous changes. Fans can play Overwatch on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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