Multiple Characters Nerfed In Overwatch PTR; Detials Here

By Mhico V. , Mar 08, 2017 03:14 AM EST

Recently, Blizzard released a lot of changes in the PTR of Overwatch. The company nerfed a lot of characters making a lot of fans worried. However, some players are also happy, as the nerfed characters are too powerful on the game's official servers.

Who Are The Characters That Got Nerfed In The PTR Of Overwatch?

First is Ana, where her Biotic Rifle damaged have decreased from 80 to 60, which is a bit low for other players. Her Biotic Grenade was also changed in the update, where the overall range goes down from 60 to 30. The healing effect of the Biotic Grenade was also nerfed from 100 to 50.

In another note, fans are also happy that Orisa was included in the nerf. Her Fusion Driver magazine size got lowered from 200 to 150. Her Supercharger resource cost was also increased by 15 percent, which is a big increase considering.

Moreover, Junkrat's massive explosions will no longer damage him, making a lot of fans worried as other players may abuse it. Sombra was also nerfed in the PTR, where players can now hear her Stealth skill sound effect much closer. Players are also happy as Zenyatta's Orb of Destruction's fire recovery time was reduced. Blizzard also changed Winston's Barrier Projector, where the cooldown will start after the barrier was placed.

More Characters Are Expected To Be Nerfed In Overwatch

With the nerfed characters in the PTR of Overwatch, fans can expect that more characters will be changed as players are continuously reporting a lot of unbalanced heroes in the title. Fans should not worry as Blizzard is known to keep their players happy. At this point of time, fans can only hope that Blizzard will reveal more information about the character nerfing in the title. Overwatch can be played in PC, Xbox One, and PC.

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