More Vaping Dangers: Cancer-Causing Agents Found In e-Cigarettes

By Rodney Rafols , Mar 09, 2017 12:47 AM EST

More vaping dangers have been found in a new study. Cancer causing agents have been found in e-cigarettes. This process happens especially when the e-cigarette is operating at high power.

One of the cancer causing agents found in e-cigarette vapor is benzene. Benzene can form in high concentrations when the e-cigarette is operating at a high power. This has been the finding of researchers from Portland State University.

Heading the research team is Chemistry professor James F. Pankow. The research has found that benzene can form in e-cigarettes. Benzene is one of the components in gasoline. It has been linked to a number of health issues, which would include leukemia and bone marrow failure.

Benzene is also found in many cities. Air pollution carries a fair amount of benzene in it. This is because it is carried by industrial emissions as well as unburned gasoline in vehicle exhaust. Benzene has been identified as the leading cancer causing agent as an air toxin. For these reasons, benzene is a dangerous compound to health.

The amount of benzene that can be found varies in different e-cigarettes, according to the Portland State University site. One factor that can affect the amount of benzene is if the e-cigarette is operated at a high power. Another factor that has been found is if the e-cigarette fluid has either benzoic acid or benzaldehyde. If any of those are present, benzene levels can become very high.

Although benzene levels can become high in e-cigarettes, the study has also shown that the levels do not approach those found in cigarettes, as Science Daily reports. Benzene levels in e-cigarettes are still 50 to 100 times lower than cigarettes. Still, it doesn't mean that there aren't any health risks with the use of e-cigarettes.

E-cigarette is being used as an alternative to cigarettes. However, more vaping dangers have been found in a new study. The opioid epidemic has been discussed in the Augusta Conference this year, as a report stated.

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