Horizon Zero Dawn Producer Explains Why The Robots Are Not Playable

By Alessia Amherst , Mar 09, 2017 01:58 AM EST

Horizon Zero Dawn gives players the opportunity to hack robots to make them allies but not playable characters due to lore reasons. Meanwhile, a new patch for the game has officially been released.

Game Producer Explains Why Robots Are Not Controllable

One of the more major features in Sony's latest IP is the ability to use the Override ability, which "hacks" robots and make them Aloy's allies. Despite the useful feature, some fans have been complaining about the fact that the protagonist has no full control over the mech. Instead, the turned enemies merely stop being a threat and assist her with various features.

In line with this, GameSpot reported that game producer Samrat Sharma explained that the machines in the game all contain a certain purpose in the world. Because of this, hacking does not rob them of their existential purpose but alters their allegiance instead. The producer admitted that the team never thought about expanding the features of the robots.

Instead, they wanted to focus on the overall lore of the world and put away anything that would distract players from experiencing it. He felt like everything in the game made sense as it connected with the ethos of the narrative. In line with this, Sharma claimed that Aloy's main goal is to discover the world around her as she discovers more about herself and everyone around her. She is not meant to create chaos or see how she benefits from it, hence why they opted not to give her the ability to control the mechs.

Latest Horizon Zero Dawn Patch Fixes Crash And Progression Issues

That aside, the game has gotten a new patch that weighs in at 228 MB, as per another GameSpot report. Aside from the usual certain patch that fixes multiple crash and progression issues, nothing else seems to come with it. Guerrilla Games claimed that many players find that their game crashes during the opening cinematic and it seems like they are still working on a fix for it.

The world of Horizon Zero Dawn is deadly as it is beautiful with Aloy exploring the vast fields of a broken world. Those who want to join her journey can buy the game for the PS4.

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