Immunity Boosters To The Rescue

Looking for easy yet effective ways to boost immunity and prevent diseases. Read on...

Peach it is! It may probably surprise you, but peaches could actually help boost immunity. With high vitamin C levels in the peaches help strengthen the delicate tissues and inner linings of the body and prevents the viruses and external infectious agents from attacking them. Also, they help boost the power of the immune system to engulf germs.

Get Raw: Raw fruits and vegetables offer many benefits, especially when it comes to immunity. They make the body's pH level tilt more towards alkalinity, thus making the internal environment of the body more inhospitable and unfavorable to the germs.

Beauty Sleep: A good night's sleep is essential for the body to get back into the energy mode. Look at a sleep deprived person; he'll be less efficient at work, in his social circle, and at everything else. And that's just not it. Sleep deprivation makes you more susceptible to different infections and body imbalances.

Grabbing a good night's sleep is what you can do to cut down your risk of suffering from many conditions that arise out of poor immunity.

Grab the Antioxidants: Antioxidants are literally your secret weapon when it comes to fighting off infectious agents. Vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc and beta carotene are present in abundance in different fruits and vegetables, and adding them to your diet can work wonders in boosting immunity naturally. Consider adding more sweet potatoes, kiwis, mangoes, strawberries, pineapples, apples, onions and carrots to your diet.

Exercise: Exercise isn't just for the obese; slim people need to stay fit as well. Moderate physical activity helps the body get more oxygen, which strengthens the tissues and internal organs of the body, lessening the risk of many ailments. They also improve cardiovascular function and give you an energy boost.

Laugh out Loud: No, don't LOL on the chat messenger; laugh out loud for real! Laughing decreases the level of stress hormones in the blood and increases the production of white blood cells that strengthen immunity and fight away infection. No wonder laughter therapy is getting so popular these days!

Yoga Benefit: Stress, anxiety and depression- if that defines you, try yoga and other relaxation techniques to boost your immune power. Chronic stress is linked to lower resistance to disease and poor immunity, and trying out relaxation techniques may help you better control your emotions, as well as manage your health in general.

Recent studies have also shown that people who meditate more regularly are able to respond to treatments better, and show an increased resistance to diseases than those who don't.

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