Pokemon GO Guide: How To Get The Elusive Larvitar

By Karla Pike , Mar 10, 2017 08:16 AM EST

Larvitar is part of the second generation of Pokemon that were added in Pokemon GO  a few weeks ago. However, this Pokemon is one of the hardest to find among the new species introduced in the game. There are ways to find, catch or even hatch this elusive creature found in the wild and here's a guide on how to do it.

How To Get Larvitar in Pokemon GO

Augmented Reality (AR) is not just for show and as what we have learned from the past since playing Pokemon GO, some species are easier to find in one area while some are ultimately scarce in other. Larvitar is a dual type rock and ground Pokemon and it makes sense because most players agree that they found their Larvitars in mountain biomes or places landmarked as rocky areas. It may vary to some places and even more so to some players but the general consensus is that Larvitar nests exist in mountain biomes in Pokemon GO.

According to Heavy, these biomes are also frequented by Nidorans, Clefairys and Dragonites in Pokemon GO. The rarity of Larvitars, however, is may be due to the fact that its nests hardly exist in the world. Larvitars are very rare so if a player happens upon one, they must be caught immediately. While searching for a Larvitar, players can walk their eggs as this Pokemon can be hatched from 10-kilometer eggs in Pokemon GO.

Larvitar Evolution In Pokemon GO

Larvitar is already a strong Pokemon but this creature has two more evolutions. From Larvitar to Pupitar, and from Pupitar to Tyranitar. Getting a Tyranitar in Pokemon GO from the wild is extremely rare but from players' account, evolving a Tyranitar is much better as the Pokemon will be even stronger. To evolve a Larvitar, however, is going to be a tedious grind since Larvitar is already a rare Pokemon.

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