Xbox Scorpio To Feature Supersampling And Shader Model 6 In Next-Gen Gaming

Microsoft is currently incorporating major improvements to its present Xbox One and Xbox One S consoles, as there are little to no reports of needing patches. With this, they gain the upper hand against the PlayStation 4 Pro, as the latter needs a great amount of patches in its games due to tech glitches.

Dynamic Scaling

Now, Microsoft is said to be continuing its trend with the upcoming Project Scorpio, whereby the Xbox One games will also be capable of using dynamic scaling to get the perfect resolution. What this means is that games that features dynamic resolution would be able to get the optimal resolution when playing in the Scorpio.

Thus, the developer doesn't need to play a part on this as Microsoft will be the one to put up this feature to its current and upcoming consoles. According to Gaming Bolt, the Xbox Scorpio would also have a more stable framerate.

Improved Shader Compilers

The most interesting thing about the upcoming next-gen console is that it will feature a Shader Model 6, together with a bunch of enhanced shader compilers. This will dramatically improve the graphics and performance of the games played on the Xbox Scorpio.

Game developers would also benefit from this as it would require them less system resources, thus less time in developing games. As of now, there are also rumors that point out to it being likely featured in the current Xbox One and Xbox One S consoles as well.

Supersampling Technology

Then there's this new supersampling technology that the Xbox Scorpio will have. What this does is that games that are played on 1080p screens (2K resolution) are still able to experience major improvements in its graphics.

What this also implies is that every game will have an enhanced graphics and performance, if played in the Xbox Scorpio. According to Beta News, the Scorpio will also feature a 4K Blu-ray player and an HDR display.

Meanwhile, the PlayStation 4 Pro doesn't have a 4K Blu-ray player, despite it featuring a 4K display. With this, it is very clear that Microsoft's Xbox Scorpio has the superior 4K gaming technology.

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