Tesla Model 3 Deliveries Slated To Start By The End Of 2017

Following after Elon Musk unveils the Tesla Model 3 nearly a year ago; he previously highlighted the fact that the final design was still a work in progress. Just last month, it was found that Tesla was retooling its factory so that production can start later this year, since there were some problems with the vehicle's trunk design. Since then, not much has been heard about it as Tesla engineers and designers have been busy in refining and enhancing the company's version of the highly anticipated EV.

The Tesla Model 3 Prototype

According to reports revealed by BGR, the deliveries is already slated to begin by the end of the year, and as a matter of fact, there have been reports that the final design is either set in stone or close to being so. In addition, during its letter to the company's shareholders, Tesla said that it has already begun building the Model 3 prototypes just last month. However, as all might have already known, Tesla, being one of the companies who values secrecy, it's just but inevitable for some experts to say that it's already been quite some time since some details of the current incarnation of the Model 3 looks like.

Furthermore, as per The Verge, with glimpses of Tesla prototypes was recently seen driving down the street, was taken next to the SpaceX Hyperloop track in Hawthorne, California. On the said footage, it allegedly shows a silver Model 3 driving down the road with the windows down, and although it may not be the most exciting video a person will ever see, it's a Tesla Model 3 after all, which we don't see too often to be out on the streets. Experts say that the Model 3 is about 20 percent smaller as compared to its past models particularly the Model S.

Social Media Craze

Meanwhile, the video was also taken on Instagram, which, in turn, has then resulted to a viral social media craze. An Instagram post that has been reportedly showcasing the Model 3 in action caught the attention of many users and considering all of the hype and anticipation surrounding the vehicle, even the tiniest bit of news about the said vehicle seems to be truly worth checking out. Ultimately, a significant number of car enthusiasts claims that one looming and still unanswered question regarding the Model 3 centers on what the dashboard will ultimately look like. As of the press time, Musk has highly emphasized that the company may have some interesting plans in store to address the above-design.


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