iPhone 8 Latest News: Curved OLED Screen Still A Fantasy

The iPhone 8, which will mark Apple's 10th year with the iPhone, is undoubtedly one of the year's highly anticipated releases. As such, it has been the topic of rumors, reports, and speculations. One of the most common features that have been reported is a curved OLED screen, which will be a first for the company. But new reports are now indicating otherwise.

As IHS Markit analyst Wayne Lam shared with MacRumors, Apple is likely to proceed with its standard flat screen design. "We anticipate Apple will adopt a flat implementation of OLED design on their special iPhone model," he said. Lam did, however, state that there might be a longer aspect ratio design. This means that the screen's length will be notably longer than that of its width.

The reason for the design choice is still unknown, but the publication has reported that flat OLED screens are easier to come by in the market. Raymond Soneira of DisplayMate confirmed this in an interview. He also stated that flat displays cost considerably less than their curved counterparts. This alternative would theoretically allow the iPhone 8 to be priced less than initially thought.

At this point, however, any news on the iPhone 8 should be taken as mere speculation, as Apple has yet to announce anything official on its upcoming handheld. But as BGR noted, the10th-anniversary device is likely to showcase the product line's biggest update in years, with or without the curved OLED screen. It might be enough that the flagship will have a new edge-to-edge design.

Other expectations of the iPhone 8 include enhanced battery life, an improvement on the IP69 rating for water and dust resistance and wireless charging capabilities. In terms of software, Siri is expected to get yet another facelift, as well as the possibility of facial recognition. Apple is expected to officially announce the anniversary iPhone in September.

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