The Nintendo Switch: Problems, Promises & Potentials

The Nintendo Switch, which was released just earlier this month and has already taken the market by storm. Its hype has been lived up to, as a large portion of the gaming world will agree. But like most other tech gadgets, it does not come without room for improvement.

The Nintendo Switch: Problems

As Forbes noted, the Nintendo Switch is an amazing game console. But as players continue to use the device, it becomes more evident that it does have its problems. One common complaint has been its battery life when in portable mode. It might not be evident in most cases where a charging unit is always a possibility, but without that option, the gaming experience definitely suffers.

The publication also pointed out the varying degree of performance between the docked mode and the portable mode. The specs between each platform are no secret, but this also means that playing with one will be different than playing with the other. There have been reports regarding drops in frame rates, which Nintendo will not be able to readily fix now that the Switch is already out in the open.

The Nintendo Switch: Promises

But despite its fallbacks, the Nintendo Switch has been positively received by players the world over. As The Gazette has explained, the console partners the portability of the 3DS with the sophistication and power of a home-docked system. But despite the possibility of complication, the Japanese company delivers on its promise of ease and efficiency.

The console does not discriminate because it appeals to so many audiences. Nintendo's loyal following will be impressed with the device, but so will a younger generation that did not grow up playing with the company's software and hardware.

The Nintendo Switch: Potentials

The publication also noted that the Switch is unlike anything in the market. Whether looking at the past or the present, there really is no other device to fully compare it to. In this light, the console has so much potential. There is an entire world that Nintendo has opened and only begun to explore.

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