LG G6 Features 18:9 Display Ratio, Enables Easier Grip And Sleeker Design

The LG G6 is one of the most anticipated Android phones of this year. This is primarily because it features an 18:9 display ratio, which is unheard of in most previous smartphones. With it, it also has a tall and skinny design, making it look different than other phones.

Unorthodox Display Ratio

The LG G6 features an 18:9 display ratio, instead of the regular 16:9 or 2:1 of most smartphones in the market. However, the drastic change in resolution doesn't have any functional changes, as it is more inclined into making the phone more marketable.

According to Slash Gear, because of the unique ratio of the LG G6's screen, the phone looks unusual as it gives the impression of it being stretched. Experts and phone enthusiasts also point out that the unusual screen also has its own benefits.

One of it is that it bridges the gap different between smartphones and tablets. It improves the visibility, as well as makes one-hand use much easier. The LG G6 also features a very slim bezel, making it very user-friendly when its user uses only one hand. It also allows for more hand gestures.

Improved User-friendliness

According to Phone Arena, using your thumb to reach the entirety of the screen has never been easier. This is thanks to the narrower screen and slim dimensions. This makes the LG G6's 18:9 screen displays as more usable.

Apart from the user-friendliness of the phone, its 18:9 ratio also has its own benefits with its camera. Reports say that the narrower screen makes it easier for the user to take a picture that is specifically targeted at something and someone. This is because it removes the unnecessary wide shot that most 16:9 displays take.  The LG G6 will be released in US, UK, and Europe sometime on April 2017.

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