Mobile Legends: Is Moskov Eliminating The Tank Meta?

By Kim Chan , Mar 14, 2017 06:38 AM EDT

Mobile Legends patch 1.1.60 introduced the highly anticipated deadly marksman: Moskov. The unveiling brought about new ways of shutting down teams especially those that rely heavily on tanks. Although Moskov isn't entirely broken, some fans still argue that the current state of Moskov simply eliminates the tank meta.

Mobile Legends: Moskov And The Tank Meta

Moskov's abilities rely heavily on being mobile as well as being precise with his position as he dishes out damage on his enemies. The signature ability of Moskov is his ability to teleport to a targeted position - making him a great mobile carry in the game. What's more, the hero is also one of the few hard carries that is capable of instantly disable multiple enemies thanks to his Spear of Death.

These two skills are what made Moskov terrifying in the battlefield (if left unchecked). Now, these abilities are greatly amplified by his passive ability, which basically lowers their respective cooldowns. Note that his passive only applies to heroes, which means that one of the best ways to lower his cooldowns is to hit tanks and the squishy carries behind them.

Are Tanks A Liability?

Tanks revolve around initiating fights, covering the team and dishing out disables. Apparently, with Moskov in the battlefield, Tanks are becoming less effective and to some extent, even become a liability as they simply give Moskov a deadly boost. Simply put, Moskov can easily be dealt with if the hero doesn't have any tank to trigger his passive.

Now, the real question is, is Moskov really eliminating the Tank meta? While this statement is bound for arguments, it's safe to say that Moskov is really annoying in the current meta especially with the limited crowd control available in the game; let alone a direct counter to the hero.

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