NBA Playoffs Updates: Spurs Tied With Warriors At The Number One Spot; Cavs Lose Their Grip

By Dez Bryant , Mar 15, 2017 03:50 AM EDT

For those who missed the game the other day, the San Antonio Spurs just beat the Atlanta Hawks in a thrilling comeback. This means that the Spurs and Warriors are tied for first place in the Western Conference. As for the East, The Cleveland Cavaliers remain strong despite struggles.

Western Conference Duel: Spurs Vs Warriors

Securing the number one spot in the NBA means a lot. This is the very reason why all of the teams are giving their best to get the position. Home court advantage is a key factor during NBA Playoffs, and right now, the Western Conference is on a tight race. When the season started, there was no question that The Golden State Warriors are the crowd favorites to win the Western Conference. The addition of several veterans, and former MVP, Kevin Durant, is too much for any opposing team.

However, due to some injuries, particularly the injury of Kevin Durant, the Golden State Warriors started to slide down a bit. This caused some concerns to the GSW fans, as their favorite team is beaten down for the third time in a row. On the other hand, the savvy team play of San Antonio Spurs proved that their team is a well-oiled machine. Although the Spurs play system ball, no one can take away the performance that Kawhi Leonard has shown. Leonard is considered as a two-way player like LeBron James because of the tenacity that both players give every time they play.

The Cavaliers Are Still The Team To Beat In The East

Despite their struggles, the Cleveland Cavaliers are still the King of the Eastern Conference. Currently, the team rested Kyle Korver, and Larry Sanders haven’t played a game yet. Like the Golden State Warriors, once Kevin Love is back, it would be the time that NBA teams will see the full potential of the defending champions. Also, the Cavs just beat the Pistons today with a margin of 32 points.

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