Ghost Recon Wildlands Guide To Collecting All Exotic Weapons

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands has been steadily gaining attention these past few weeks. As the game boasts a superb combination of graphics, gameplay and storyline, which is accompanied by an open world, players and fans are continually praising the game, as it is a cut above the rest. For now, players are making their way through the extensive world of Ghost Recon: Wildlands and everything that it offers.

Weapons And More

According to VG247, weapons are an extensive feature in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands. As expected with the long existing franchise, players are treated to a wide array of weapons that can be used at the player's disposal. Although these weapons are found scattered all over, players need to visit specific places to obtain them.

Exotic weapons on the other hand are somewhat different from the rest. These weapons are already customized and as such, they cannot be customized any more. And for a player to get their hands on them, they need to play through the campaign. These weapons however have better stats compared to the normal set of weapons that are found by the player.

Where And How To Get Exotic Weapons

An article by Fenix Bazaar would go into detail where and how to obtain these weapons. Although these weapons have better stats compared to the normal versions of the weapon, it still depends on how the player goes through the game if they would find these weapons useful. However, one thing is for sure, these are all good for a collection.

First is the His AK-47 Exotic and the Her AK-47 Exotic, these can be obtained by going to the Hunting Lodge in Itacua and killing La Yuri and El Polito. Next is the El Bastion Exotic, to get this weapon, players need to first accomplish four objectives. Once left with killing Madre Coca, the best way to finish the mission is to deactivate the drone jammer, then head to the mountain near the stronghold and send down an explosive drone near Made Coca.

The Llamativo Exotic can be found during the mission Interrogate Carzita. Scout the area first then tag Carzita. Move into the area through the back beach with the built-in stairs going to the mountains. This is so that players can reach Carzita without being detected. The Experimento #42 can be found during the mission Extract El Cerebro at the Caimanes Region. Here, players need to follow El Cerebro's assistant until they make their way to El Cerebro, then get him out.

The Residuos Exotic can be found during the mission Defeat El Pozolero at the San Mateo Region. Here, players just need to go to the San Mateo base where El Pozolero is hiding then interrogate and extract him. The ǃUY! Exotic can be found during the mission Extract El Chido at the Malco Region. Players need to find El Chido at a concert then interrogate him and then extract him to Malca Bravo.

The Lanza Sagrada Exotic can be found during the mission Free La Santera at the Epiritu Santo. Here, players need to destroy generators and kill snipers that are in the area. Then free La Santera and extract to Espiritu Santo Bravo. The Warhawk Exotic can be found during the mission Defeat Boston Reed at the Koani region. Players need to look for a Santa Blanca Helicopter that is parked at the east of the runway and in the area, a laptop that is on top of a bench can be found. On the laptop, enter the code, which was given earlier to signal Reed. Once he arrives, kill him.

The El Cuentista Exotic can be found during the mission Extract El Wey at the Villa Verde Region. Players need to go to the Tucan Unidad base and search for intel that would determine El Wey's position. Once located, capture and then interrogate him. Afterwards, extract El Wey to Villa Verde Bravo. The El Obsequio Exotic can be found during the mission Protect El Pulp at the Barvechos Region. Players need to reach El Pupo's hideout undetected and provide protection as they head to the airport.

The Lady Killer Exotic can be found during the mission Extract Antonio at the Mojocoyo Region. Head to Buchon's house and interrogate the person inside. Once the player knows where Antonio is, capture, interrogate and extract him to Mojocoyo Bravo. The BFF Exotic can be found during the mission Defeat EL Emisario at the Ocoro region. Players need to locate and search for El Emisario. He can be found at a red compound on top of a hill. However, players need to be careful as there are a lot of Unidad soldiers in the area.

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