Google I/O Predictions: Nexus 7 2, 32GB White Nexus 4 LTE, Android 4.3? (Rumors)

By James Geddes , May 14, 2013 10:22 PM EDT

Google I/O is to Android as what WWDC is to iOS, it's the place to see two of the most innovative companies on the planet show off their latest and greatest. Although Apple also began showing off the new iPhone in the fall beginning with the iPhone 4S, and it is believed Google will announce a similar plan with Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie at Google I/O in a few hours.

The current predictions of what we should expect to see from Google is a new Nexus 7 tablet, some are calling it the Nexus 7 2. We reported on the rumored tablet a few days ago. The tablet is expected to feature a 7-inch 1920 x 1200 HD display, run the new version of Android that is also expected to be announced at the event, Android 4.3, and have thinner bezels, just like the iPad mini.

There are also some rumors that we might see a 32GB White Nexus 4 LTE announced at Google I/O. When the Nexus 4 was released it was widely believed that Google would soon release a white version of the smartphone, since images had leaked online. Google has yet to offer a white Nexus 4, but new leaked pictures of the device might indicate we might see it at Google I/O. If the rumors are true, the smartphone would double in storage size and possibly support Verizon and Sprint's LTE networks.

Android 5.0 was rumored for months to be announced at Google I/O, but it looks like Google is pulling an Apple.  Just like Apple shows off iOS in June and releases it in the fall, there are rumors indicating Google will do the same at Google I/O show a little and make it available in the fall. The company is expected to launch a new version of Android, Android 4.3 to be exact.

Android 4.3 is expected to add new features like Google Play Games, a more advanced version of iOS' Game Center. It is believed users will be able to play real-time multiplayer games, and other games with other connected players. It is also believed that it will feature cloud based saving. Google will likely show off more features with Android 4.3, just like it did with Project Butter with Android 4.2.

We'll know all the final details in a few short hours. Stay tuned.

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