Get All The Juicy Info From The Samsung Galaxy S8 App 'Unpacked 2017'

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is just a couple of weeks away from being unveiled. With that, the hype that the upcoming device brings in becomes all the more undeniable, especially with Samsung's obvious efforts to keep the spotlight on its 2017 flagship. Just recently, the company has released the Galaxy S8 app called "Unpacked 2017".

Samsung Galaxy S8 App

CNET said that the said Unpacked 2017 app can be downloaded on iOS and Android. Opening the application will show the countdown for the Galaxy S8's March 29 event. It also shows the important details about the event like its time and location.

Moreover, the Unpacked 2017 app also reveals related videos, which as of now, are only two in number. The application is expected to show more videos when the actual Unpacked event starts on March 29. What's uncertain at this point is whether or not Samsung will let people live stream the main Galaxy S8 event via the said app.

Samsung Galaxy S8 App Registration

Right now, the Unpacked app lets users register by entering an email and an invitation code. Android Headlines says that people who are attending the event can sign up via the app using their codes and confirm their attendance. However, on a semi-related note, CNET says that any attempt to sign up brings in an error message telling users that the registration will open on March 22.

Nonetheless, successful registrations will give users a QR code that will act as a quick-track entry ticket to the Galaxy S8's main event. With that said, the registration is most likely intended for special guests like Samsung's main partners and invited media. The company hasn't really talked about the new app but it is quite obvious that this new app is Samsung's medium to relay all official details to the fans. Specifically, this app will be the company's bulletin board on matters revolving around the Galaxy S8.

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