2017 Toyota C-HR Crossover Is In Need Of More Power

By Rodney Rafols , Mar 16, 2017 04:09 AM EDT

As some sort of hybrid, crossovers are a little of a sedan and an SUV. The little parts tend to make for one vehicle that has something of both. This might take away some from it overall as well, as shown in the 2017 Toyota C-HR crossover which might need more power for it.

The Toyota C-HR has been made as a competition for other subcompact crossovers. Honda has its HR-V while Kia has its Soul. The Toyota C-HR is being sold in the US as the subcompact crossover for the market there.

The Toyota C-HR has a sleek yet angular look to it. The front hood is longer than most other crossovers of its class. The rear of the crossover looks small, especially with the small rear side window which highlights its size.

The angular look of the Toyota C-HR is emphasized by its front bumper and air dam, which is further highlighted by its wide headlights that sit at the top of the front hood. The C-HR does look distinctive in that way, as has been envisioned by Hiroyuki Koba, the chief engineer for the vehicle.

The C-HR looks deceptively like a two-door crossover. That is because the rear doors' handles are placed high up the door. This keeps it rather hidden, though it would be hard for a child to get in and open the rear door as well, according to Drive.

For all its distinctive features, the Toyota C-HR has one thing that is needs most, and that power. The C-HR has a 2.0 liter four cylinder engine which gives it 144 hp. Its continuously variable transmission (CVT) might give the C-HR some issues as well, especially when trying to exit corners, as Car and Driver reports.

The interior of the Toyota C-HR is adequate enough. It has plastic door panels, but they don't give the interior a cheap look. The lower dashboard has a large storage bin as well in place of a glove compartment. Some modern amenities though are absent from the C-HR such as Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, though it has Bluetooth to somewhat make up for them.

Overall, the Toyota C-HR is an adequate crossover. It could lack in power though with its engine. The 2017 Toyota C-HR crossover might need more power for it. Volvo has a planned electric vehicle that is set to come out in 2019.

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