Swatch To Release New Operating System For Swiss Smartwatches

Swatch, Swiss biggest watchmaker founded in 1983, isn’t just planning to launch a new set of smart watches but is actually developing its own operating system (OS) in hopes of competing with other big names. Both Apple and Samsung uses a forked version of Tizen, and Swatch is doing their best to be on top of the tech firms. Swatch's Tissot brand watch will be the first to ship in late 2018 that uses the latest OS which is to-be-named as "Swiss-made OS."

In an interview with Bloomberg Technology, Swatch Group CEO Nick Hayek said that the company is making an alternative to the existing operating system such as the iOS and Android for smartwatches. He also said that there’s a big possibility for wearable gadgets to develop as a consumer product. However, smartwatches should "have to miniaturize and have an independent operating system.”

What Can The New Operating System Do?

According to CNET, Hayek said that the upcoming smartwatches will be able to connect to other wearables and small objects. It will also require less battery power which allows the watch to operate longer between charges. Aside from that, longer battery power will also protect data better compared to the existing smartwatches, Hayek claims.

Swatch announced that along with the new OS, the firm has also developed the world's smallest Bluetooth chip to use in watches as well as household objects. Hayek said that the company is trying to determine solutions to the biggest problem for wearable devices with Swatch's "think small" approach. Apparently, this problem is the short battery life.

The new Swatch OS is currently being developed and produced by the Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology. And apart from producing its own smartwatches, Swatch is also willing to supply third parties apps in order to run smoothly with the operating system. Hayek added that Swatch has received about 100 requests for further information, with half coming from Silicon Valley companies that don't want to be dependent on either iOS or Android.


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