Carbon Fiber Subframe Ideal For Saving Weight While Adding More Mileage

By Rodney Rafols , Mar 17, 2017 04:10 AM EDT

When it comes to cars in general, weight matters. A much lighter car would be much faster, while at the same time saving fuel as well. A new carbon fiber subframe is ideal for saving weight while adding more mileage.

The new carbon fiber subframe has been developed by Ford in collaboration with Magna. Carbon fiber has been mostly used on performance cars. With Ford though the carbon fiber subframe could come to the more sedate sedans and other cars in the future.

Carbon fiber is light yet durable. Making a subframe out of it could reduce weight by 34 percent in many cars. Part reduction would also be as much as 87 percent, since the carbon fiber subframe can be molded to reduce parts on a vehicle.

Magna would be making a structural subframe for a car for the first time. It has been making carbon fiber hoods and grills in the past, but not for something as vital as a structural subframe for a car. The subframe is highly critical, as it offers a place where the engine is attached. It is also provides a rigid car frame, according to Automotive News.

Magna has been making tests on the carbon fiber subframe. The company has said that performance requirements have been passed based on computer analysis. The carbon fiber subframes that have been produced are so far prototypes.

Further testing would be done before a recommended subframe would be used. The additional tests would involve corrosion evaluation and bolt load retention. Ford would also be using the prototypes for evaluation for its vehicles, CNet reported.

Car manufacturers are looking for ways to provide better fuel economy for vehicles. This in part can also reduce fuel emissions, which contribute to air pollution. Better fuel economy will also be a welcome benefit for many motorists. A lighter vehicle can provide better fuel economy since there would be lesser weight that the engine would be handling.

A carbon fiber subframe is ideal for saving weight while adding more mileage. A lighter weight can go a long way in giving better mileage for vehicles. The coming Volvo EV will have a projected range of 250 miles according to a source.

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