Mass Effect Andromeda Beginners Tip: Things To Consider Before Playing The Game

Mass Effect: Andromeda was finally made available recently. However, it is not yet accessible to all. The report said that EA and Origin Access members were the ones given limited access to the game for ten hours as of now. For a gameplay time that long, it is an excellent time to drop in some guide to players who will play the game soon.

Attack of the Fanboy recently made a spoiler-free beginners guide. That means it is safe for people who don't want to be spoiled. It will focus mainly on the single player campaign of the game. Based on the report, the campaign is locked only to the first couple of missions.

PC Gamer noted that fans should "Take it slow" when starting the game. With Mass Effect: Andromeda, players get struck with new elements quickly. It is important to stay calm and take things slowly. Players are highly suggested not to skip any tutorials and don't rush through the campaign. It is to make them understand the new system that the game offers and the main plot.

Next is players need to converse with everyone, which is one of the core element of the series. With the limited conversation options in Andromeda, it will be a lot easier for players to know whom to make a dialogue. When something pops up, it is expected that a particular NPC has an important thing to say. It might be a mission, part of the mission or just some interesting stuff to spill.

Players also need not worry about their classes too much. Similar to other Mass Effect games, it grants players the freedom to choose tons of things regarding their character. Meanwhile, it is worth noting that Classes are almost useless in the game since characters can use any weapon and train any ability.

Lastly, players are suggested to have fun. For the past five years, players have waited for the series to return at some point. Now that it's back, they should take their time and enjoy the game, especially when there are lots of new things to discover. For beginners of the series, this would be the first Mass Effect experience to reminisce. While for old players, they already know how astounding these titles are.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is scheduled to arrive around next week.


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