'Spider Man' Set To Hit Theaters This July; Sony Reveals Release Date For 'Venom'

By Dante Noe Raquel II , Mar 17, 2017 10:01 AM EDT

According to TheWrap, Sony is set to release the "Spider-Man" spin-off, entitled "Venom". The Marvel movie is expected to hit theaters on October 5, 2018. That debut date was originally marked by Warner Bros.' for "Aquaman" film before it was recently pushed back to December 2018.

Spin-Off Writers

Sony is now working with new writers for the project. Scott Rosenberg and Jeff Pinkner are conceptualizing ng the story for the film. There is no word yet on whether Dante Harper is still involved. It can be recalled, that last year, The Hollywood Reporter said that the writer's job was to draft the initial script for "Venom".

The two writers have been working hard so far. Aside from the "Spider-Man" spin-off, "Venom", they are both involved in the remake of "Jumanji" starring Dwayne Johnson and Karen Gillan. Rosenberg has also been included in projects like "Con Air", "Gone In Sixty Seconds", and "Salamander". As for Pinkner, the writer contributed in The "Amazing Spider-Man 2", "Alias, "The Dark Tower", and other films.

However, Sony revealed that they haven't tapped a director for "Venom" at the moment. It was said before that Alex Kurtzman would be the director of the film, but Sony told Exhibitor Relations that it was not the case.

Nonetheless, "Venom" will be back after his appearance on "Spider-Man 3" in 2007. However, it is not clear if Marvel will be involved in this project or Sony will work on its own.

The Official "Spider-Man: Homecoming" Synopsis

A young Peter Parker/Sprider-Man, played by Tom Holland, who made an astonishing debut in "Captain America: Civil War", begins to explore his brand new identity as the web-slinging superhero in "Spider-Man: Homecoming". Thrilled by his involvement with the "Avengers", Peter returns to his home, where he lives with his Aunt May, played by Marisa Tomei. Peter tries to fit back into his normal daily routine. However, when the Vulture, played by Michael Keaton, appears to be his new villain, everything that Peter holds most important will be in great danger.

On the other hand, the first solo film for the MCU/Sony's adaptation of "Spider-Man", "Spider-Man: Homecoming" will hit the theaters on July 7.

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