Subaru WRX STI Is A Crashy Spectacle On A Bobsled Run

After the recent Geneva Motor Show, Subaru's WRX STI drove up to St. Moritz, home of the oldest bobsled track in the world to create an insane crashy spectacle that resembles an exciting movie car scene. The 113-year-old bobsled track is wide enough for the exceptional STI. However, the ride definitely was far from a smooth one.

Mark Higgins, a stunt driver from the Isle of Man, hopped behind the wheel to test out what a car loaded with spiked tires can do in a bobsled run. For this Swiss Alps job, Prodrive had to modify the record car, using tires that are now banned from WRC. A lot of extra bracing is also necessary since pinballing between thick ice walls was a recipe for one wild ride.

Subaru's WRX STI on a bobsled track is not an easy an thing to drive. Even four-wheeled lap record holder Mark Higgins, with a resume that includes working on two latest Bond movies, Fast & Furious 6 and even on BBC's Sherlock, was not prepared for the 98 foot long bend made of ice. Bobsleds are built to make the turn, but four-doored vehicles are not.

The vehicle keeps slamming between walls of snow, the Road And Track reports. After making a turn that was nearly vertical, it wall-rides on its roof before landing on its tires. The impressive carnage looks like the car came from a demolition derby instead of a bobsled run.

Subaru's WRX STI had to be removed by crane after each attempt since these courses aren't built for cars. According to the CNET, several days after creating the crashy spectacle at St. Moritz, the video is ready for all the world to watch. It certainly will be awesome if this incredible drive inspire the creation of another extreme sport.

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