"ShotTracker Team" Hardware Can Boost Player's Basketball Skills

There's a new watch sensor called the ShotTracker Team that can track a full-court basketball game in real time. It uses three components, a shoe sensor which will be worn by each player (maximum of 10), a ShotTracker enabled ball, and court sensors that will be installed on the ceiling, giving it the perfect view to observer the game in real-time.

The ShotTracker Team

According to a video posted at the company's website, all these sensors work together to track players and ball movement in three dimensions. As for the coaches, they get tools and real-time reporting which includes box scores, play efficiency rating, shot charts, see which player played well and where there is room that needs improvement. Furthermore, it also gives optical line-ups, see how players perform with each other, know their best linings, live feedback, player evaluation and team performance based on play execution.

The coach also gets a complete summary delivered to their email, while the players will know their performance before they hit the locker room. Interestingly, everyone knows where they stand come game time.

ShotTracker Team Now Being Used

According to Tech Crunch, the ShotTracker Team is demoing for all 31 games of the NAIA D1 Men's National Championship tournament this week in Kansas City. It's the first time that automated and real-time stats are available at a tournament. At the tournament, not only coaches and teams have access to the statistics in real-time, but also every fan as well via the ShotTracker's app.

The company recently raised $5 million in seed funding from Magic Johnson and former NBA Commission David Stern. In fact, a quote from Johnson and Stern are posted at the company's website.

According to Johnson, the ShotTracker Team will revolutionize the game, because it automates the tracking of detailed player stats and offers an affordable solution for basketball programs at every level. On the other hand, Stern believes that with the help of the said technology, teams everywhere can identify and capitalize on every on every competitive advantage.

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