‘Dragon Ball Super' Updates: Vegeta's New Super Saiyan Form Confirmed; Universes' Mortal Rankings Explained

By Shor M. Rae , Mar 18, 2017 04:20 AM EDT

The latest chapter of “Dragon Ball Super” manga has revealed and confirmed that Vegeta has acquired a new form of Super Saiyan. Aside from the update, the mortal rankings of the universes in the anime’s Universe Survival Arc have been explained.

Vegeta Turns Into Super Saiyan God

“Dragon Ball Super” Chapter 22 has finally revealed that Vegeta has leveled up in terms of strength. After leaks roamed the internet, it has finally been confirmed that Vegeta has actually turned into Super Saiyan God, which is the red form, for the first time in his life. In the recent chapter, Vegeta turns into Super Saiyan God as he fights off Goku Black, giving everyone a shock.

Apparently, Vegeta has finally achieved this transformation after rigorous training and so far, his transformation is stable. Though the “Dragon Ball Super” manga is way behind the anime series, which is currently in its Universe Survival Arc, fans are hoping to see Vegeta’s new Super Saiyan God form. The anime and the manga actually have different stories given how some characters are still alive in the manga so it’s highly expected that Vegeta’s red form will not be making an appearance in the Tournament of Power.

Universe Survival Arc’s Mortal Rankings Explained

The anime series of “Dragon Ball Super” revealed during its Universe Survival Arc that the universes have been ranked by their mortal levels. The Omni King has ranked each universe through a strict evaluation, even giving them a numerical value but it’s not entirely explained how the ranking was made. Some thought it was based on strength but the rankings could be more than just that, explaining why Universe 7 is even in the bottom of the rankings.

If it was based on strength, then the fight between Universe 7 and Universe 9 should have been predictable wherein Goku’s universe wins since Universe 9 is in the last place in the rankings among all the 12 universes participating in the Tournament of Power. Omni King’s mortal level rankings actually refer to the universe’s quality of life including the level of intelligence of its inhabitants. This is more feasible given how some of the universes that were exempted from Tournament of Power were actually advanced but still yearn for more progress.

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