Finally, The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Has Arrived! Here’s What You Have To Know

By Cyril , Mar 18, 2017 04:29 AM EDT

With just a month ahead of the annual New York auto show, Dodge has finally revealed the new Challenger SRT Demon's launch control, but most of the details that come with the car remain to be a secret. Car enthusiasts say that the said system is essentially the same as the two-step launch control you'd find on a turbocharged race car. In turn, the company reveals that this feature enables the Demon to be launched at a full boost without overpowering the brakes adding that the car will be faster and lighter than the Challenger Hellcat.

The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon

According to NSEAVoice, the notion that allegedly claims that Demon is set to have a single-seat configuration, a carbon-fibre body, and an AWD drivetrain which offers a 900hp offer from a refined V8 engine are all said to be a hoax, since experts say that they can't be taken without salt at all. While these things may turn out to be a disappointment to the public, the company explains that there won't be a problem for Dodge because if the Demon really turns out to be good, then they can pat the rumors for helping them keeping the secret safe. That said, company executives continue to explain that these information would all be confirmed when the Challenger Demon takes the stage at the upcoming New York Auto Show.

Meanwhile, as per Auto Week, the system, dubbed as advanced torque reserve, is allegedly being activated when you engage launch control; which closes the supercharger bypass valve to fill the supercharger, changes ignition timing and fuel delivery and can even cut fuel to certain cylinders. Consequently, the process is then creating an engine that sounds like it's badly misfiring but will take advantage of the standard-equipment drag radials when it launches near peak boost. It was found that although this result is mostly a common reaction on turbocharged race cars; experts say that it isn't common especially with superchargers or production cars.

First Impression Won't Last

Like the two-step systems on turbocharged cars, Demon will allegedly sound like it won't be able to make a pass under its own power. Unlike the turbocharged cars, experts claim that you won't be shooting flames out of your tailpipe. Ultimately, a significant number of enthusiasts speculate that the New York auto show will be a place where Dodge spills every bean regarding the Demon.


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