NFL Trade Rumors: Seahawks Dealing Sherman To Dallas Cowboys? Garoppolo Going To Cleveland Browns?

By Joseph St. James. , Mar 20, 2017 04:20 AM EDT

The 2017 NFL Draft is more than a month away but there are already a lot of NFL trade rumors going around about some of its players. It seems there are talks about Richard Sherman going to the Cowboys and Jimmy Garoppolo heading to the Browns. Although these rumors are sourced from NFL insiders, nothing is certain yet, so fans need to take them with a grain of salt.

Is Sherman Being Traded To The Dallas Cowboys?

In the case of NFL trade rumors involving Sherman, some pundits are speculating that his days with the Seattle Seahawks are already numbered. There some insiders in the league who believes that with the right price, the Seahawks may send the star cornerback packing his bag to another team.

It appears that many NFL trade rumors suggest the right team would be the Dallas Cowboys. This team has to win their games now and Sherman could be the missing key in this regard. Some even compare Sherman's probable acquisition by the Cowboys with that of Deion Sanders in the past.

Is Garappolo Going To The Cleveland Browns?

One of the names being considered for free agency at this point is that of Jimmy Garoppolo of the New England Patriots. It seems that some NFL trade rumors are linking his name to the Cleveland Browns. When quarterback position is concerned, the Browns are in a bind because of their share of troubles over the past decades.

However, recent NFL trade rumors coming from John Clayton indicate that Garoppolo has caught the eyes of the Browns. He said a Garoppolo trade will be logical for both citing the fact that Jacoby Brissett is still on the team and the Patriots are lacking a first or second-round pick.

The Patriots have a great Tom Brady insurance in Garoppolo. However, Brady is still at his peak and is not about to retire. Some NFL trade rumors suggest that if the Browns offer a trade, it will be difficult for the Patriots to turn it down.

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