Google Glass: Why Most People Refuse To Wear Them

By Matthew Klickstein , May 15, 2013 03:40 PM EDT

While there are those lucky few who are relishing the LED glow of Google I/O in San Francisco right now, Google itself may have a few concerns up its sleeve. At least when it comes to its forthcoming Google Glass.

We already know that the company has had to delay the release of the Google Glass by as long as a year. But now we're also hearing/reading that even when the company releases the sci-fi-esque wearable computer that promises the wonderful world of "augmented reality," most people will likely not don them anyway.

As CNET reports in an analysis published on Wednesday, May 15, despite the fact that "pioneers" such as Rep. Michele Bachmann have already taken to wearing Google Glass, "ordinary Americans still seem to be feeling resistance."

CNET goes on to point to a survey conducted by something called Bite Interactive that "claims to understand our new mobile life" in the site's own words.

According to BiTE Interactive's survey, only 10 percent of Americans would "definitely" wear Google Glass(es).

Mashable added that BiTE Interactive's survey went on to state that 45 percent of the 1,000 American adults asked said they would not wear Google Glass at all because it seems "irritating" or socially awkward.

The 450 people who felt this way with whom BiTE Interactive spoke aren't alone. We've all heard/read the stories that have already come out about the notion that those who wear Google Glass might be deemed, well, "(gl)assholes." There are strip clubs that are already banning the device, as well as dive bars that feel the device could too easily lead to privacy violations.

After all, whether those such as tech fanboy, analyst and actual pioneer DJ Spooky feel that those who don't get with new technology will merely be left behind along with those who don't read the newspaper, the fact remains that there are a lot of people out there who just don't think walking around with a supercomputer on your head that can record and upload the world (and people) around you is too cool.

"Even if it were priced low enough -- much lower than the $1,500 it is going for now during its beta period -- about 38% of respondents said they still wouldn't wear it," Mashable says.

"Google Glass represents a profound social barrier for the average consumer," EVP of operations at BiTE interactive Joseph Farrell said in a statement to Mashable. "At best, they see a Glass user as someone who prioritizes information access over a personal connection with others."

"At worst, they fear social sleights of hand: researching topics, recording video or Googling a person in mid-conversation. Overall, what Glass offers is combination of high social rejection with features the average person simply doesn't value over their current smartphone."

What do you think about Google Glass? Are you up for wearing a pair, or do you think they're just for jerks who have no interest in what other people around them think or feel? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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