Windows 10: Worst & Best Features Of The Creators Update

By Ana Cordero , Mar 20, 2017 04:46 AM EDT

Microsoft is scheduled to roll out a major overhaul of its Windows 10 operating system, entitled the Creators Update, next month. But like with most things, the major upgrade is expected to come with its pros and cons. And as various rounds of beta testing has confirmed, there will be benefits as well as issues.

As pointed out by Forbes, one of the major issues with the current Windows 10 is that users cannot stop upcoming upgrades. Essentially, Microsoft has prioritized the need to roll out their updates, which places the user's right to choose what to install into their PCs. However, Creators Update will only strengthen this practice.

The publication reported that the latest Windows 10 Insider build (15058) showed just how Microsoft intends to proceed with updates. Apparently, the company is looking to take control of how Windows 10 will download and install succeeding updates. Moreover, this is so even for those with limited broadband connections. This would theoretically have major repercussions for those on metered connection. If an update were to roll out by the end of the cycle period, cost implications could be significant.

But as Express UK has countered, Windows 10 Creators Update does have its fair share of positive traits as well. This includes a playable ads feature, which will allow users to demo various applications before they are bought and installed into hardware. This would virtually replace the current system, wherein the game appears on the start menu and individuals have no choice but to download if they want to learn more.

The Windows 10 Creators Update is also expected to introduce WebVR, 3D content, night-time mode and Ebook support. The mass roll out of the OS is expected to begin on April 11. However, the publication confirmed that some individuals may already have the option to upgrade as soon as next week.

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