‘Fairy Tail’ Chapter 528 Spoilers: Mavis Discovers Way To Defeat Zeref; Black Dragon Returns?

By Joseph St. James. , Mar 21, 2017 04:00 AM EDT

The latest "Fairy Tail" Chapter 528 spoilers reveal that Mavis will discover a way to overcome Zeref. There is also a speculation that the Black Dragon will come back to bring hell in the upcoming chapter. Fans should, therefore, expect a lot of fast actions in the story.

Some of the "Fairy Tail" Chapter 528 spoilers indicate that Zeref will be overtaken completely by his constant use of the Ankhseram Black Magic. This magic power gets stronger as he forgets that there is value in human life. Furthermore, Natsu declared that the brotherly bond between them is already gone.

The Black Dragon Will Return

This situation will result in a fight to the death between Natsu and Zeref as predicted by some "Fairy Tail" Chapter 528 spoilers. The title of this chapter is "Evil Dragon." This title indicates that the Black Dragon will return. Acnologia appeared briefly in some portions of the previous chapters. It appears that he will join the impending battle of Natsu and Zeref.

Mavis Discovers The Secret To Defeat Zeref

This is the reason why some "Fairy Tail" Chapter 528 spoilers reveal that hell will break lose. That means the action will be intensified even further. As the battle between Zeref and Natsu rages on, Mavis will enter the guild hall and announce to the guild members present that she knows how to defeat the Black Wizard.

How Will Mavis Turn Natsu Into The Black Dragon?

Mavis will show the guild members the Book of END which she stole from Zeref during her escape. According to the "Fairy Tail" Chapter 528 spoilers, Mavis will use this book to transform Natsu into a demon or the Black Dragon. If this will be the case, Zeref will be facing a losing battle.

But what the "Fairy Tail" Chapter 528 spoilers did not make clear is how Mavis will use the Book of END to transform Natsu into a powerful demon. This is what the fans should watch out for when this upcoming chapter is released. They will be able to read Chapter 528 in next week's issue of the Weekly Shonen Jump.


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