Mass Effect Andromeda Guide: Where To Get All Crafting Materials

By Nicole Fairchild , Mar 21, 2017 04:51 AM EDT

Since BioWare has allowed the players of Mass Effect Andromeda to craft everything from weapons to upgrades, there are materials that they will need. However, some of them are hard-to-find. Fortunately, their locations have been revealed.

In Mass Effect Andromeda, the crafting materials are classified into three categories. They are minerals, bio materials and tech materials. In addition, the materials are considered as common, uncommon, rare and ultra-rare. Moreover, there are eight common materials that players can find.

The Omni-Gel Canister is first on the common materials. It can be obtained on defeated Milky Way exiles or players can have it when they destroy the weapons. Berrylium, Copper, Silicon and Iron can be mined with the Nomad but can also be bought from particular merchants. However, the former is located on Voeld and Kadara.

According to USGamer, Soft Chitin can be acquired if the players hunted exoskeletons such as spitbugs, shemrys and pallads. Kett Alloy is obtained when players have defeated Kett enemies and destroyed their weapons. Renderable Platers are acquired from Adhi and galorns, although just like the other materials, it can be bought from certain merchants.

There are five uncommon crafting materials in Mass Effect Andromeda namely Cadmium, Fluorite, Nickel, Lithium and Uranium. These can be acquired when the orbital scan detected them but can also be seen even while walking. In addition, they can also be purchased on some merchants, as per Segment Next.

Three of the four rare crafting materials such as Titanium, Platinum and Vanadium are obtained when players mined with the Nomad after the orbital scan. The last one, The Eiroch Fluid Sacs, are hunted from Eirochs but can also be bought from particular merchants.

The ultra-rare crafting material, Element Zero, can be mined and is located at Voeld. The players must get all the materials they need in order to upgrade their own weapons and upgrades without any hassle.

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