More Millennials Want New Cars; Here’s How They Can Get The Best Deals

It was earlier thought that millennials went for latest smartphones rather than cars, but this assumption has now been disapproved with new studies. It is now obvious that millennials desire all the entrapments of a new car as much as they want all the allures and features of a new smartphone. The only sad thing is that while many millennials are experts are buying smartphones, they get bad deals with buying cars because of their inexperience with auto purchases.

Why Millennials Are Going For New Car Purchases Today

Youths born between 1980 to 2000 are often referred to as millennials. These are youngsters that grew with the rise of the internet and the boom of smartphones and laptops and virtual currency. They are hot-blooded and technology-savvy. They are impatient with the older generation and fast with learning or operating mobile devices or auto cars. And now they are getting to buy more cars as much as they desire to change their smartphones at the next opportunity.

According to Carscoops, a significant percentage of youths within the millennial age bracket buy new cars with the aim of supplementing their income via car hailing services. These car-hailing services include Uber, Lyft and other similar cab-calling services. So these millennials spend as much as $15,000 to buy a relatively new car with latest technologies for ride-sharing business. The only problem is that many still get cheated by paying more than is necessary for new cars.

How Millennials Can Get a Better Deal with New Car Purchases

Car dealers can tell inexperienced millennials apart, and so force them into paying higher for cars or buying extra features they won't ever need. Millennials have behaviors and young looks that betray them at car dealerships, so they are vulnerable to fraudulent car salesmen. USA TODAY however, listed what millennials need do to get better deals with car purchases and make the whole car-buying experience a smooth and happy one.

To avoid the awkward experience of dealing with a cheating car dealer, millennials can use their smartphones to obtain car quotes and inspect the inventory of dealerships. Prices can also be negotiated using mobile devices so as to avoid confrontational buying experiences, but this is best done after researching automotive websites and knowing the exact price that obtains for the car of your choice. Where cash is not ready, it is best to have a preapproved car loan on hand before approaching car dealerships, so that you know your payable interest rate and how to negotiate prices for your car.

If you have the confidence and opportunity of visiting a car dealership, it is best to test-drive several cars to compare features and model specs - regardless of whether you are buying for ride-sharing Uber services or not. And be certain to dress formally and carry yourself with experienced maturity so that salesmen don't consider you an unserious kid and turn down your request for a test-drive; and this is where your driver's license will even get you a test-driving chance if you have it with you. As soon as you are ready to buy, do not be pressured into buying auto insurance policies or extra warranties or unnecessary car features such as alarms that you won't ever need. Only pay for what you need, and you can threaten to take a walk if they insist on forcing you to pay for unnecessary items.


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