iPhone 8 Concept Designs Surface Online, Bezel-less Display And OLED Panel Showcased

By Justin Lee , Mar 23, 2017 06:26 AM EDT

With the iPhone 8 being a constant talk-of-the-town, it's quite expected for digital artists to wind up with their own concept designs of the upcoming phone. Leaks and rumors have been very specific about the iPhone 8's design, so it might have been pretty easy for artists to imagine what Apple's next device will look like. Apparently, it has already been established that Apple's anniversary phone will sport an OLED display and come with lesser bezels than before. There will also be no home button and the phone will be made entirely of glass.

Forbes mentioned Oscar Luna Martinez's concept and it highlighted the considerable reduction in the bezel department. The very apparent edge-to-edge design of the phone was also showcased. In fact, the said iPhone 8 concept was put side by side with the ten-year-old iPhone 2G to emphasize Apple's progress in over ten years. The said iPhone 8 design showed how much bigger its size is, how much more modern it looks, and how much more vivid its display is compared to the old iPhone.

Business Insider, on the other hand, talked about Gabor Balogh's concept design. While Balogh's idea is pretty similar on most iPhone 8 concepts appearance-wise, his concept went all the way to showcase what the device can do. In fact, his design features a dynamic background that changes depending on what the iPhone 8's camera is pointed at. Siri was also showed off in Balogh's concept and how the virtual assistant is able to use augmented reality to better her assistance.

Needless to say, these concepts are the nearest things fans have for an actual iPhone 8 render. Apple has been mum on the matters regarding the anniversary iPhone and people may not actually see the device until its official launch date. According to rumors, the iPhone 8 will be released later this year. It's also possible that the phone will skip the traditional September launch of Apple and instead get launched at a later time.

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