Mobile Legends: Cyclops Abilities And Gameplay

By Kim Chan , Mar 24, 2017 06:11 AM EDT

Moonton has been very active in introducing new heroes in their renowned mobile MOBA app, Mobile Legends. And today, the developers have finally unveiled the newest mage class, Cyclops. Check out the hero's abilities and gameplay here.

Mobile Legends : Cyclops Abilities

Stardust Shock (Passive Skill). When any of his skills hits his enemies, cooldown time of all skills will be reduced by 0.5 seconds.

First Skill. Releases two stardust shockwaves, each stardust shockwave will deal magic damage to the enemy.

Second Skill. Hero will be surrounded by a spinning starlit sphere, the sphere will automatically attack nearby enemies, dealing magic damage. At the same time, hero movement speed will increase significantly.

Starlit Hourglass (Ultimate Skill). Cyclops creates a magic sphere, which tracks the enemy and deal magic damage. At the same time, enemies within the range of the sphere will also be trapped for several seconds.

Cyclops' Strengths

Teamfights. Cyclops excels mostly in team battles, dishing high amount of magic damage as well as disabling multiple enemies. Due to his passive ability, Cyclops can cast multiple spells at whim and is capable of disabling multiple enemies as the fight progresses.

Ganking. As shown in the video down below, Cyclops also excels in ganking, capable of soloing virtually all squishy targets in the game. Cyclops deals insane amount of damage and once the hero obtains his ultimate ability, he can virtually dominate the map if left unchecked.

Disable. Cyclops provides huge cc for the team, disabling all nearby enemies during teamfights. Furthermore, as shown in the video, his ultimate ability seems to follow enemies despite using disengaging ability such as dash, blink, etc. This means that Starlit Hourglass cannot be disjointed, making it one of the best disables in the game.

Anti-Tank. Cyclops true strength lies on his ability to cast multiple spells with the use of his passive ability. Because of this, he is great against team compositions that rely on tanks as he can use these heroes as a leverage for his combat prowess.

Could Cyclops be the most overpowered hero in Mobile Legends yet? Check back for more Mobile Legends news and udpates!

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