The 2018 Bentley Continental Supersports Is Surprisingly Sleek And Agile

By Rodney Rafols , Mar 25, 2017 04:00 AM EDT

The 2018 Bentley Continental Supersports is a sports coupe that is heavy. While it is heavy, it is also agile. The Continental Supersports is a deceptively heavy car that is nimble.

The looks of the latest Bentley supercar is more of a large sedan than that of a performance car. However, despite its huge size, it has much power to go with it. Bentley claims that it is the fastest four-seat car today.

The Continental Supersports can make it to 60 mph in 3.4 seconds. That is fast for a car that looks heavy. And it has the power to go along with it, with its W12 engine which can produce 700 hp. Big turbochargers aid in giving the car that much power.

Fuel economy could be an issue, as it will likely have an EPA rating of 11 mpg. That is expected in a car that has a W12 engine on it. The cost of the car is also hefty, coming in at $300,000, according to Car and Driver.

The Continental Supersports has a suspension that is an upgrade over the Continental Speed. It is also around 0.1 inch lower than it. The Suspension can be adjusted from Comfort to Speed, depending on the driver's preference.

The car has used much carbon fiber for it in order to save weight. Around 200 lbs. of weight has been taken off because of it. Still, the Continental Supersports is a heavyweight at 6,063 lbs. per DuPont Registry.

The car is not made for the track. Its looks already show that much. Instead, the Continental Supersports would be more for a long drive. Modern conveniences though such as automatic braking or self-steering aren't part of the car. Instead, the car has a blend of the old school together with some modern trappings.

The 2018 Bentley Continental Supersports is a powerful car that has the weight to go with it. Despite that, it can be fast as well and would be suited more for that long drive. One vehicle that could also be for a long drive is the BMW X1, a small but nimble crossover. 

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