Blizzard Entertainment Officially Drops Battle.Net Logo And Some Fans Aren't Happy

Blizzard Entertainment has finally changed its original logo "" and has decided to use its official company name instead. However, some netizens have been sharing their mixed reactions about the company's decision.

Blizzard Entertainment Takes A Major Step In Branding

According to Polygon, Blizzard has recently dropped its long-standing "" branding found in its popular games launcher. One recent update has finally removed the spherical-like design in place of the company's actual logo. Although, Blizzard has already made the announcement about their transition back in Sept.

The company explained that there had been some slight confusion between both of their logos as some consumers believed that they were two separate identities. In truth, both are actually under Blizzard despite the difference in name. While this might be a step forward for the company, many longtime fans were heartbroken over the change.

Fans React To The Loss Of Battle.Net

Fans of World of Warcraft and Starcraft have expressed their thoughts on the internet, claiming that it was sad to see the familiar "" go. Some even mentioned how they had many fond memories with Warcraft 3 during those days. Meanwhile, other fans are disappointed with the whole transition, as per Neoseeker.

In spite of this, the service still works the same when it did before along with keeping the exact same URL. With this in mind, both and old and new players can still find a way to make new memories with the official logo. Even so, it is understandable as to why many fans are mourning the loss of the aforementioned brand as it launched more than 20 years ago alongside the very first Diablo game. is also a pioneer in terms of online gaming as it was among the first online services, surpassing Xbox Live and Steam by around half a decade. With this in mind, Blizzard Entertainment has shown no signs of changing how they operate and still plans on supporting their current games.

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