NBA Debate: Can LeBron James Surpass Michael Jordan And Kobe Bryant?

NBA fans have been debating on who is the real GOAT in the NBA for a long time. Currently, there are 3 names who are being sighted as the GOAT, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James.

Michael Jordan Is The Greatest

Comparing different players who played in a different era is very hard to do. There are a lot of changes in the rules and the game has evolved throughout the years. Probably the only way that NBA fans and basketball analyst can do it is by comparing their numbers. If there is one player who is considered as the barometer in the game of basketball, it would be Michael Jordan. His Airness showed the world what a basketball player should be like and literally destroyed its opponents.

LeBron Chasing The Ghost Of The GOAT

LeBron James is making a strong case in chasing Michael Jordan. The best player in the world right now stated in his recent interview that he is obsessed in chasing the ghost of the GOAT which is Michael Jordan. Players and experts have weighed in with regards to LeBron and Jordan. Each has their own opinion but clearly, Jordan has the edge. Jordan has been to the NBA Finals and haven’t lost any of them. LeBron might have put some impressive numbers but The King cannot erase his 3 losses in the finals.

The Black Mamba Strikes

The other player that is being compared to LeBron James is The Black Mamba, Kobe Bryant. With regards to skills, both players are somehow identical. Kobe Bryant’s killer instinct is what separates him with The King. LeBron might be bigger, stronger and faster but The Black Mamba has a counter. So who is the greatest of all time between the three? Michael Jordan without a shadow of a doubt.

LeBron is still playing right now and he has the capability to destroy the record books. The King also has a chance to win more rings but the three losses in the finals have already stained his bid as the Greatest Of All Time.

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