These Google Pixel XL Screen Protectors Are Made Of Premium Tempered Glass

Even the screens of the most impressive and expensive high-end smartphones can fall victim to smudges, scratches, and worst of all, cracked screens. One such device is the Google Pixel XL. Ace Teah is out to change that with the Tempered Glass Screen Protectors specifically made for the Pixel XL.

The Google Pixel XL Tempered Glass Screen Protectors boast of a 9H rating on the Mohs hardness scale. As a point of comparison, diamonds score a 10 on the scale. Such 9H rating means the screen protector can withstand scratches, bumps, shocks and drops. It also prevents fingerprint smudges from daily use. The toughened glass allows a "natural viewing experience" giving users of the Google Pixel XL a clear view of the screen while still retaining the sensitivity of the touch experience.

Smartphone owners cannot tell if the screen protectors actually work and worth the buy unless they drop their handsets. Of course, once the phone gets into an accident, the screen protector itself may get scratches or even break. Ace Teah has that covered as well. The cell phone accessories retailer is offering a pack of three Google Pixel XL Screen Protectors so users have back-ups in case the protectors get damaged while doing its job.

The three-pack offer is available to order online through Amazon for $8.99 as of this writing. The current price is down $14 from the original retail price of $22.99. Amazon is offering free shipping on orders that total more than $35 or at least four three-pack offers. The tempered glass accessory is only available for the 2016 version of the Google Pixel XL or the one that measures 5.5 inches. BGR noted that the offer is available until the end of the month and that buyers need the coupon code which is RI8KD6N6 to complete their purchase.

Prospective buyers should know that the tempered glass screen protectors are deliberately smaller than the Google Pixel XL's screen. This is because of the curved-edge design of the premium smartphone. According to Ace Teah, the smaller protector also lessens the possibility of bubbles, peeling edges and overlaying. Ace Teah also promises a 100% lifetime warranty for the screen protectors.

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